Corey shall never leave our hearts, however, we are sad to say we have indefinitely cancelled the Run for Corey.  Please remember Corey when you run for fun or run another event you will participate in.  The following is the story about our Corey:

It has been 14 years since we have seen his bright shining face. A face full of hope, charisma and compassion. Corey Stump was a fun loving 8-year-old boy who loved soccer, riding his bike to the Alsace Park and doing the things all 8-year-old boys liked to do.

Corey learned young what it meant to be compassionate when his brother Justin became ill at the age of 4 and battled multiple seizures daily. Corey would go to school at Berks Christian and pray for his brother every morning. Any one that knew Corey knew he was destined to be something great; he was one of a kind.

The Alsace Community Park was dedicated in 2000 with a Corey Stump Memorial Plaque. It is our hope to keep the playground and community strong that Corey loved so much by raising money for much needed improvements.