• Alsace Township is a predominantly rural municipality located in the central portion of Berks County, within the southeastern quadrant of Pennsylvania, approximately 60 miles north of the City of Philadelphia.

  • We have a total land area of 12.1 square miles, containing a network of 27.37 miles of township owned roads and 15.41 miles of state roads, for a total of 42.78 miles.

  • As of the most recent census, there were 3,751 people, 1,433 households, and 1,060 families residing in the township.

  • Alsace Township is located within the Oley Valley School District.

  • Based upon its population, Alsace Township is defined as a Second Class Township under the Pennsylvania Codes.


ADDRESS: 65 Woodside Avenue, Temple, PA 19560
: 610-929-5324,  FAX: 610-921-0977, EMAIL: alsacetwp@comcast.net
OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm




The next regular meeting of the Alsace Township Heritage Society will be held on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 1:30 pm at the Township Municipal Building located at 65 Woodside Avenue.  We will continue to collect historical photos and stories about the Township for their preservation.  We also need people who can serve as the Heritage Society’s leader and secretary.  Please think about volunteering your time for the future of those who are yet to come.  Bring your ideas and photos!  See you on September 27!  

Bill Lutz family photo - early 1900's

The Lutz family, way back when!


Come out this fall to see your town’s history on the big screen!   The Alsace Township Heritage Society is preparing for a video presentation of historic places and people in Alsace Township.  The date for the video presentation is Sunday, October 23, 2016 at at 3:00 pm at the Township Municipal Building.  Light refreshments will be served.

video projector

Do you have any you can contribute?  Call 610-929-5324 or email alsacetwp@comcast.net if you have any questions or would like to contribute photos for the evening.  Come out and enjoy the pictures and stories!





On Saturday, October 1, from 1:30-4pm, the truly inspired Progress Theatre will perform an excerpt of their a’capella musical, The Burnin’, and facilitate a workshop on making theatre from history. The workshop will focus on research, story-gathering, interpretation, and engagement with historical events that can inspire a play. Participants will share their own historical memories of identity, place, and/or community, followed by re-imagining, reinterpreting, & retelling the stories. They will learn tools to share and preserve histories and cultures, and explore creative ways of performing/sharing communal history with a public.

The event will take place at the Alsace Township Municipal Building, 65 Woodside Avenue, Temple, PA 19560. It is free and open to the public, but pre-registration is strongly recommended. For more information and to register, contact info@artinthefields.org.

Progress Theatre is Houston-based, and has toured nationally and internationally since 2000. Its dynamic, original performances encourage social consciousness, cross-community dialogue, and cultural awareness. Founder Cristal Chanelle Truscott calls their work Neo-Spirituals–a’capella musicals integrating styles from Negro Spirituals to the Blues, Jazz, NeoSoul, R&B, Hip Hop & Spoken Word. The workshop will begin with an excerpt from The Burnin, their a’capella musical inspired by the 2003 E2 Club tragedy in Chicago & its historical parallel, the 1940 Rhythm Night Club fire in Natchez, MS.

Art in the Fields is grateful to Berks County Community Foundation for providing financial support and to Alsace Township for providing space for this event.


Open burn permitted
Call Alsace Manor Volunteer Fire Company at 610-921-9372 for more information.